Uncle Pauly
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Uncle Pauly TATTOOS
I am Uncle Pauly. I've been tattooing since about 1998. Before that I spent almost two years as an apprentice at Little Vinnie's Tattoos in Maryland. While apprenticing I was fortunate to be under the instruction and supervision of a very select group of artists. Little Vinnie Myers, Dave Waugh, Aaron Cain, Seth Ciferri and an almost endless group of notable international artists helped me form my vision of what Tattooing should be. I learned to treat tattooing first as a craft, to master tools and techniques and to never over-step your abilities at the customers expense. As time progressed I was able to apply the craft to my artistic style. I hope you see the presence of my mentors in my work as much as I hope you see me. Feel free to contact me for appointments, consultations, and to give me feedback. The tattoos are yours, I am but a means to an end.

Not every tattooist is great, and not all the great tattooists are good. But the great tattooists do the right thing for the craft, they know the way.