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My Shanty Box Guitars guitars are one of a kind, hand-made, playable, tunable instruments. The bodies are real wooden cigar boxes with dovetailed corners, or custom created shapes. I reinforce each box with internal supports, leaving the tops free to resonate. They sound sweet acoustically, but I can add home-made pick-ups if you require an extra level of Lo-Fi, electrically induced, trashy sound bending. The necks and headstocks are hand carved hardwood. I use spokeshaves, hand planes, rasps, etc. to keep each guitar unique. I use limited power tools when creating my instruments. Handmade is best. Joints are glued and reinforced with dowels or hidden screws. Tuners are quality vintage-type reproductions. Hardware is unique-handmade or found objects. I make guitars similar to those pictured, but never exactly the same. I make them for you. They take time. They each come with a bit of my soul. It's important that you love your guitar, or I'll make you another! They're quirky, twangy and sweet to hear. Play one, you'll be hooked.

Below are a few samples from over 50 instruments, basically in chronological order. After building so many guitars, I have refined playability and construction, but always try to maintain a "handmade" appeal in lieu of "perfection".
Please check back often, as new examples are always being added.
Thanks for looking!

Average prices:
Guitars.........$400 - $600
Shipping.......$50 and up.
Prices vary based on your location. Shipping to continental U.S. only.